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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Trading & Marketing:
The most important and probably the hardest task facing any business is the creation of true Marketing culture with an international perspective and one that touches every part of the organization.

Q: Engineering and Design:
Engineering and Design service covers Electronic Pneumatic control System, Control Panels, Distribution Panels, and Junction Box, Development of process and instrumentation diagram, Preparation of data sheet and specification for procurement of instrumentation and related equipment.

Q: Commissioning & Installation:
FTC is proud of our ability to successfully complete all types of  electrical work, in both the commercial and domestic sector. Our electricians have the qualifications and experience to deal with the complex and Ever-changing nature of electrical installation.

Q: Procurement:
: We feel necessary to inform you that we are well linked throughout the world and our representatives in other Countries are always busy in fulfilling the commitments, which we are giving to our valuedclients. In this regards, we always consider the quality of products, which we offer to be the best of availability and our offer prices are usually found to be the most competitive in the market.